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Hernan Rivera

People always ask me, "what colors work with me?"...At times it is difficult for me to say, I am a strong believer that a person can find and discover themselves by color so why put limits to what you can use. The only thing that can really decide what you should wear is your personality, mood, and your eye for fashion. 
Each of us have a canvas; it may not be a blank one; because we all have face features, color, and textures that are unique to each of us. Make-up is a tool that we can be use to create endless possibilities to what we want to create. Some simple techniques and use of color can help us enhance and alter our appearance to what we desire. 

Yes there might be good choices and some bad one…but that’s the beautiful thing about make-up, it is not permanent! There is no right or wrong way or rules that say how make-up should be done. Make-up does not come with instructions! We hold the power within us to embrace our artistry and use it to our advantage. With a bit of guidance and a few steps in the right direction you will be ready to be the masterpiece that you are…just remember... you want to wear the make-up, NOT the make-up wear you!!

Yours Truly,